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FAQs - Caskets

Why are our prices lower than market price?

All prices are wholsale price, we are factory direct, not distributors, we do not have much profit, just to make a reasonable profit. Supply affordable casket, urn and funeral products is our purpose. Help you Save on Funeral Costs.

What is difference between Casket Outlet and funeral home in funeral products?

All materials are imported from North America and South Africa. We have our own unique technology and brand. Our product's quality is as same as the others.

Why are different prices for similar products?

They have different loading capacity, interior, polishing and metal parts. Some caskets had waterproof. All similar products used the same wood material.

Do I Have To Buy A Casket From A Funeral Home?

No, and Casket Outlet Offers an Even Better Alternative. Casket Outlet is committed to providing a trouble-free shopping experience by offering a large selection of products – all priced much lower than funeral homes. Did you know, in Canada the law protects consumers by allowing you to purchase funeral items including burial caskets from a source other than funeral homes? Moreover, a funeral home is not allowed to refuse a casket or funeral related merchandise that had been purchased somewhere else. They are not allowed to charge you or your family additional fees for accepting a casket or increase the service price of the funeral because of it. A funeral home will treat you or your family no different than if you had purchased a casket from them. Buy Direct from Casket Outlet and Save Money on Your Funeral Costs

What are my rights as a consumer?

The Funeral Rule, enforced by the Federal Trade Commission, makes it easier for you to choose only those goods and services you want or need and to pay for only those you select. According to the Funeral Rule, you can find out the cost of individual items whether you shop by telephone or in person. If you inquire about funeral arrangements in person, the funeral home must give you a written price list of available goods and services (GPL or General Price List). Keep in mind that when you arrange for a funeral, you can buy a package of goods and services or individual items. If you want to buy a casket for example, the funeral provider must supply a list that describes the available selections and their prices. Remember, the funeral provider may not refuse or charge a fee, to handle a casket you bought elsewhere. Be wary of funeral homes that do not have any caskets priced below $800.00. This is a sure sign you are paying far too much. For more information on this rule, click on the Board Funeral Services(Ontario):1.800.387.4458 or www.funeralboard.com

What are my choices as a consumer?

No matter what your final wishes, you are entitled to a choice. There is no such thing as a "Traditional" funeral. Your thoughts and wishes are what are important. Rather than spending unnecessary funds on what may be considered the "normal" way to do things as suggested by the funeral director, simply take charge of your arrangements and complete them the way YOU want them performed.

Will my funeral home accept a casket I purchase from Casket Outlet?

Yes. It is against Federal Law for a funeral home to refuse a casket purchased elsewhere. Refusal to do so results in a $10,000 fine per incident to the funeral establishment and may possibly lead to the suspension of their license to operate a funeral business.

Why should I buy a casket or other funeral related products from Casket Outlet?

There are two good reasons. One - you can shop from the comfort of your home at your convenience from your computer. There is nobody looking over your shoulder to pressure you into making a purchase you neither want nor need. Two - competitive pricing. You can rest assured that Casket Outlet will offer you the best pricing on your casket, urn or monument purchase. We do this without shifting hidden costs to other services as many funeral homes do in order to match the lower prices of a retail casket store.

Will my funeral home charge me a special handling fee?

No. It is illegal for a funeral establishment to charge a handling fee if you wish to use a family-built casket or purchase one from someplace other than the funeral home. It is also illegal for funeral establishment staff to make false claims about the preservative qualities of a casket or to charge contagious disease fees or fees for protective clothing for staff.

Compare Wood and Metal Casket?

Internal Furnishings

Both wood and metal can be adorned inside with a variety of furnishings. This category is basically the same for both casket types. In most cases, any furnishing that can be added to one can be added to the other. The internal furnishings come down to a matter of personal taste and preference. External Appearance


Wood tends to have a 'warmer', more traditional appearance. It also tends to be more elegant, less flashy appearance. Wood can be adorned with almost any type of external decorations that you might desire.


Metal tends to be 'colder' and have a more austere appearance. It also tends to be preferred by a more progressive customer with somewhat flashier, more modern taste. Metal provides an advantage over wood in this category in that it can be molded and stamped with almost any type of design that one might desire for the eternal resting place of your loved one.

Environmental Concerns

Wood Caskets

Wood can be designed in such a way that it will last a very long time, but will ultimately break down and return back to natural elements in the soil. Metal implements such as hinges, nails, rails, and corner barriers can all be replaced with environmentally friendly alternatives such as glues, pegs, joints, and other nature friendly fasteners and connectors. However, if being environmentally friendly is not a primary concern, wooden caskets can be treated and constructed to last almost as long as metal caskets. Although, wooden caskets will ultimately return to the earth as its ecological basic components while metal caskets may contain components that could take much longer to fully decompose.

Metal Caskets

Metal takes much longer to break down and return to ecological basics than wood. If you are looking for protection then metal is the obvious choice. It can be coated with a variety of chemicals to prevent rust and corrosion and it can also be hermetically sealed to provide the maximum amount of environmental protection for your loved one. Also, the level of protection can be selected because metal caskets can be made from various thicknesses of metal ranging from 14 to 24 gauge metals. It can also be designed to be crush proof and almost completely impervious to outside forces.