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Your Rights

Your Rights In Canada

The law protects consumer by allowing you to purchase funeral items, such as caskets, from a source other than funeral home. Funeral home cannot:
1. Refuse to accept a casket or related funeral merchandise that has been purchased elsewhere.
2. Charge the family a fee for accepting the casket.
3. Increase the service price, which are itemized on their written price list.
4. Treat you or your family any different than if you had purchased a casket from the funeral home.
For additional information, please contact Board of Funeral Services (Ontario): 1-800 387 4458 or visit www.funeralboard.com. other province please see the contact list click here

Funeral Sham Discounts!

Some funeral homes are now REQUIRING you to Purchase THEIR casket in order to receive a discount on their service fees. THIS IS A SHAM DISCOUNT! Not only are they restricting your choice, but attempting to penalize you for exercising your choice.
This is simply another way for them to charge their high casket prices. The FTC already has ruled that you can NOT be penalized or charged a fee for selecting your casket elsewhere. When faced with these funeral homes, many consumers are refusing to do business with them.

These families simply inform them of their Right to receive the same price, and the same treatment regardless of where they have purchased the casket. Most of the time, there is another funeral home who does not practice this form of a Sham Discount, and provides their services for even less money.

They are also more than happy to serve you, along with supporting your right to purchase from an outside source such as Casket Outlet.

What is sham discount packages about?

"Sham Discount Packages" A discount where you don't save any money! Some funeral homes are attempting to eliminate consumer choice with a thinly disguised penalty for consumers who wish to save money by buying a casket at a casket store. They raise their service prices (TRUE Example, from $4000 to $6,000.00) then claim to offer a "Package Discount" to consumers who buy a casket from a funeral home. (Discount equals the increase, CAREFUL!).

Example: Inflated Price $4,000, you get a $1,500 discount, brings price back to $2,500.00) The only one who pays inflated price (penalty) would be a person who does not buy a casket at the funeral home!!! The "Sham Discount Package" is designed to negate ANY savings a consumer WOULD have realized by purchase of product at a retail store. It also forces a consumer to either buy a more expensive funeral home casket or pay for it anyway.

To avoid this Greedy Scheme: Shop around first if possible. Otherwise do NOT let a Funeral Director pick up the Deceased until you get a General Price List (GPL). ALSO, the funeral rule requires funeral directors to give a GPL when you ask for one in person, if you happen to visit them. Furthermore, they must have one on their person when they come to your home (hosp) prior to picking up the body, explain all costs and give you that GPL with other paperwork. Be clear and ask a lot of Questions.(LESS COST = see a casket retailer for funeral product!!)

Sham Discount Packages is an anti-competitive scheme, do not fall for it!

What are your choices as a consumer?

No matter what your final wishes, you are entitled to a choice. There is no such thing as a "Traditional" funeral. Your thoughts and wishes are what is important. Rather than spending unnecessary funds on what may be considered the "normal" way to do things as suggested by the funeral director, simply take charge of your arrangements and complete them the way YOU want them performed.


1. Casket Outlet is providing you equal or greater quality caskets with 1/2 of the cost! We have much more caskets selections than your funeral home. which will dignify one's final resting place with the class and distinction they deserve.

2. Some funeral home providers mark up caskets 200-500-% to provide high corporate conglomerate profits at your expense!

3. There are still many professional funeral providers who will treat you with respect for the choices you make!