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Funeral Sham Discounts!

Some funeral homes are now REQUIRING you to Purchase THEIR casket in order to receive a discount on their service fees. THIS IS A SHAM DISCOUNT! Not only are they restricting your choice, but attempting to penalize you for exercising your choice.
This is simply another way for them to charge their high casket prices. The FTC already has ruled that you can NOT be penalized or charged a fee for selecting your casket elsewhere. When faced with these funeral homes, many consumers are refusing to do business with them.

These families simply inform them of their Right to receive the same price, and the same treatment regardless of where they have purchased the casket. Most of the time, there is another funeral home who does not practice this form of a Sham Discount, and provides their services for even less money.

They are also more than happy to serve you, along with supporting your right to purchase from an outside source such as Casket Outlet.